Cosmetic beads/spheres and its impact on Environment

There is so much of talk happening about Climate change after the USA withdraws from Paris climate change agreement, there are multiple factors that harm our environment and are responsible for climate change, one of the factor which has impact & effects the environment are the cosmetic beads/Spheres used in personal care & Home care products, many of the companies use plastic beads which are imperishable and have adverse effect on the Environment.

The USA in 2015 has banned tiny beads of plastic in Cosmetic to avoid environmental damage, so will be the UK by the end of 2017. Around the world, companies are looking for and prefer Biodegradable beads which are nature-friendly and do not harm the environment.

Biodegradable spheres/ beads are made up of ingredients which are nature-friendly and are safe to us on skin & hair. There are various natural & biodegradable beads available which are not the only environment-friendly but also very beneficial for skin & hair, they nourish skin giving a radiant glow & flawless skin.

Some of the Nature-friendly and biodegradable beads are as follow -

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