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Product Encapsulation

Encapsulation technology essentially deals with the incorporation of commercially available
active material into protective system that can deliver the active to specific site.









Personal Care Support

We are working passionately towards providing best of the products & services to our client's worldwide.

Before and after procedures

Our R & D department checks each and every product minutely so that only best product is served to you.
Skin Before Skin After

Personal Care Category

Our aim is to provide world-class products by continuously improving quality
using innovative technology.
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Just Answer the Questions

In what end applications can I use your products?
Some commonly used end applications such as Face Wash, Bath Bomb, Body Wash, Cream, Shampoo, Hair Gel, Tooth Paste, Hand Sanitizer.
What are the size options available for the beads ?
Size can be customized depending on products, our list of standard size are XXS (70 / 100 #), XS (40/60 #), S (30/50#), M (20 / 30#), L (14 / 20 #), XL (8/10#), XXL (4/6#).
What are the color options available for the beads?
Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Black, Brown etc and many more colors available with user desired customization
How many actives are available for encapsulation & what is the standard loading %?
Actives such as Vitamins, Plant Extract, Fragrance, Active, Flavour are encapsulated and loaded according (%) Needed.
Can we request products apart from your available products from the existing range?
Our team is always ready for new challenges & innovations related to our products, every ideas and customizations from customer are prime concern for us.

Take best quality
products for Face Wash. Hand Sanitizer. Lotions. Moisturizer. Body Scrub.

Our commitment to maintaining quality standards
are further strengthened by multinational company audits.
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