(Christmas Tree Shape Actifilms)


Product Code: AF-CTR-GO-4102

Product Description: These little Actifilms magically disappear upon rubbing: delivered dry, they have the amazing properties to soften in the formula making them more malleable and ready to disintegrate when pressure is applied. These exclusive shapes made for the personal care industry, are stable in many types of cosmetic and personal care products.


  • 1. Technology is based on a unique manufacturing process that forms thin films.
  • 2. Visual carrier systems for home and personal care oil-based formulation in different shapes and sizes.
  • 3. Activates four product senses you can see, smell, taste & touch it and disappears on rubbing.


  • 1. Helps in achieving the ideal end user product experience.
  • 2. Disappear on gentle rubbing without leaving any residue on teeth / oral case use upon application.
  • 3. Adds visual effects to your product to make it attract customers with four attraction senses.