(Pistachio Shell Powder)

pistachio16-35 pistachio16-35

Product Code: PISTACHIO SHELL POWDER (16/35#)

INCI - Pistachio Shell Powder

Product Description: Pistachio Shell Powder is a delicately ground, light whitish brown granules that provides medium to aggressive abrasion when included into exfoliating natural beauty and personal care products.
The benefits of pistachio are as below-

Healthy Skin
Vitamin E is very essential for a healthy skin and this anti-oxidant is present in pistachios. It integrates the cell membranes of the mucous membranes of the skin membranes. It protects skin from harmful UV rays, prevents from skin diseases and makes skin healthy and more beautiful.

Vitamin E present in pistachios is helps fight ageing process of skin and making you look younger.