1) Discovering the top Benefits of Almond Exfoliators

Almond is very beneficial when considered for skin care use. Almond consists of elements like Vitamin E, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Almonds are also a strong source of protein and fibers. Being so strong in nutrition value, almond as gives benefits when eaten it also is beneficial when applied to skin.

Almond can be used in different ways for skin care as well. Almond can be powdered and can be turned into almond exfoliators. Almond is an age old recipe being used for skin care. The nutrition value of almond helps nourishing skin in many ways.


2) Benefits of Cucumber Exfoliator for skin

Many of us did not knew that the food we eat have a lot of benefits when applied to skin. Cucumber is one of them. Cucumber exfoliator called as scrub is the lightest scrubs of all. It is commonly known that cucumber is made up of 96 percentage of water content as it can sum up to hydration, hydration and just hydration. Water is not all what cucumber contains; it has other nutrition magnesium and potassium. It is just amazing to cool down the heat generated by the body and when the temperature sour. It is not only beneficial for detoxifying skin but also helps in weight loss process.

Beauty benefits do not stop here; it extends to fresh breath, clear sparking eyes without bags, puffiness and dark circles as it contains nutrition like biotin, vitamin A, B1, C and potassium. Health benefits do not stop here; it continues to improving overall health with heart health and brain and is also good for diabetes.