(Almond Shell Powder)

almond35-80 almond35-80

Product Code: ALMOND SHELL POWDER (16/35#), ALMOND SHELL POWDER (35/80#)

INCI - Almond Shell Powder

Product Description: Almond Shell Powder is a delicately ground, striking tan and light brown dappled powder that provides medium to aggressive abrasion when included into exfoliating natural beauty and personal care products.

The submission of Almond Shell Powder incorporated into a formulation will affect the extent of exfoliation of the finished product .By adding this fine powder to a cream, lotion or body wash to the finished product, it gets an additional ability to exfoliate amongst its other purposes. Nutshell powder gently exfoliates the outer layers of the dermis allowing the cream or lotion to better absorb deeper into the skin. Some cosmetic companies by propose include walnut shell powder into their facial peels, skin cleansers and scrubs because it has become so popular.